Thursday, August 5, 2010

"This call crosses the fine line of appropriate talk in the workplace."

I think it takes 3 weeks to form a habit, but for myself being day #2 is impressive.
Thank you all for your positive comments through FaceBook - hopefully they are truthful and not based on the read about my ninja fighting skills mentioned in yesterday's post.

This past week in the work place brought quite a few inappropriate comments sent via email and spoken over the phone, via email and/or in person. I would like to share these with you. Here is a list and a quick explanation (if needed) of the conversation:

Me to "R" - "R is that a fanny pack hanging up in your cubicle?
"R" to Me - "Yah, so what, you got a problem with that?"
Me to "R" - "Yes. Yes I do."

Me to D on lunch when some chick comes out on her lunch break to go for a walk wearing a tank top and jeans:
Me to D - "How is it that your arms are so hot that you need to wear a tank top but your legs are so cold you wear jeans?"
D to Me - "Maybe she doesn't like her legs."
Me to D - "Maybe she has cankles."

Email from A telling me "Hey I know people, you better start kissing my ass!"
Me to A: "OK I'll get right on that. I will put it on my to do list. Right under "Go to the gyne for no reason whatsoever."

Me to Sean - "Why are all the lesbian supervisors on the floor named Chris?"
Sean to Me - "Why do I see them all at Riverside?"

Old annoying lady who works part time has a question to ask me. As she's walking into my cubicle I fart.
I grab my FeBreeze can and whip around in my chair and spray. Old bag is taken aback and jumps backwards.
Me to Old Bag - "Sorry. I just farted."
Old Bag to Me - "Oh that's OK I take this cholesterol medicine......."
Me to Old Bag - "OK stop, this is getting to a TMI level."

Me to Sean - "Just because you can pro-create doesn't mean you should."

Me to Manager - "The whole time we were sitting in that meeting I couldn't stop thinking to myself "I wonder how much Ritalin he took as a child?"

Ahh the reason for today's photo attachment (beside it just being fucking gross!):
Aa tells me that I need to appreciate him more or some shit like that after he "did me a favor" I email him the photo on today's blog.
A to Me: JESUS.........Have you considered hitting the Gym?
Me to A: U liked it and u know it.
A to Me: Yep, definitely going to tuck that one away in the old spank bank.......

Walking around with a frosted glass full of iced tea:
Executive to Me - "Amanda is that a beer?"
Me to Executive - "Yes it is. I will share if you don't tell on me."

There are too many more to list and I want to save some of them for a non-creative writer type of day. So that's all she wrote! Have a great evening!

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