Monday, August 16, 2010

Drunk Trashy Martha crashes a 50th Class Reunion

Hi readers! My apologies for not writing for a few days - just not enough hours in the day. This past week was pretty damn uneventful and not much to say about it - until Saturday. We decided to tie one on and some members of the "BFF Wolf Pack" hit the Polish Falcons, LA Club, Hilltop and Firehouse - all before 1 AM. Pretty damn impressive, I know.

We were lucky enough to crash a Ford City High School 50th Class Reunion. They were over and done with by 10:40 and the lame ass DJ was playing some lame ass oldies, fortunately not country. After nagging we were allowed to take over the dance floor (not that this was a problem because no one was dancing) and well, we will let the picture speak for itself:

Oh yes, the Animal House move, the "I'm a responsible 35 year old woman", the "who gives a fuck" dance move. Awesome. So after this the DJ says he's done and basically F off cause it's not our party anyways. He sucked. I think we told him that.

At the Hilltop Amber spotted this sweet ride in the parking lot. I, of course, had to throw the BFF Wolf Pack gang sign, THE SHOCKER:

Again, I'm a responsible adult.

So this week is pretty exciting in the land of what I like to call "past the driveway" also known as cow country, Amish country, freaking Dayton, PA. IT'S FAIR WEEK! And can you get any more redneck than the freaking demolition derby people? Well, no, no you can't. This not only is an unbelievable sight to watch but the crowd watching is just remarkable. I am looking forward to seeing some rebel flag bandanas, Mickey Mouse tattoos, and some carnival marijuana belts, hats and tee shirts. A whole pile of awesomeness all in one place, can't wait. I seriously laugh for hours and hours on end. I think about the Death Mobile at the parade in Animal House - God that's a fantastic movie. If I ever have a demo car you can bet your sweet ass it will look just like the Death Mobile.

I may finish the weekend off on Sunday with a trip to Boarders to spy on the Dungeons and Dragons "I still live with my mom" people and perhaps head down towards Oakland in the park of the Highland Park Bridge where renaissance people dress up and fight each other. Can you imagine the blog material? OMG!

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